Page one of the color sample illustrates:

1) Sebago Shoe-Ad art for Portland Agency 2) MaxFactor-Jaclyn Smith Ad 3) Computer Generated Illustration of Black Balls 4) Two White Tigers Fantasy-Computer Generated 5) Shaw's Supermarket-Retouched Art 6) JD Scott Trucking-Door decals for 12 truck fleet 7) Houlton Regional Hospital New Logo 8) Ace General Contractors-New Logo 9) Naturally Potatoes-New Logo & Identity for Mars Hill Potato Company 10) LeBlanc's Lobster Stew-Round Cap11) Loon Country Bottled Water -Label Design 12) Caribou Inn & Convention Center-20 Foot Restaurant Sign 13) Maine Brand Manufacturing-Houlton Glove Company Catalog Cover 14) LeBlanc's Lobster Stew-Gable Top & Round Designs 15) St. Luke's Church Harvest Supper Sign-Detail 16) Airbrush Rendering on Aviators Flying Helmet