Hook, Line & Sinker!

Movie Summary
Once upon a time in a faraway place called New York, there were two people who met high atop the ceaseless din of Times Square. They both wanted to get away, FAR AWAY from the city from which they had been born and bred. She had worked in the movie poster industry for Warner Bros., United Artists and the like and had won awards for her 7 foot lobby displays from the Society of Illustrators. He was head of the largest art studio in New York for 15 years and felt it was time to go out on his own. Call it Kismet, destiny or just dumb luck, these two kids found each other in that throbbing mass of humanity and lo and behold, they were of the same mind. They packed their bags, dogs, ferrets, kits and kaboodles and hightailed it out of there with Maine on their mind...BUT WHERE?? It's a BIG state! They zig-zagged 3000 miles all over the State of Maine and finally, FINALLY, hit on the home of their dreams just north of Caribou. With magnificent vistas and deafening silence surrounding them they continued to create... logos, corporate identities, packaging, media campaigns you name it, they can and do-DO IT! Their families, who once considered them a few cards short of a full deck, now all seem to agree, it was a good plan. In the continuing saga, they now snowbird between Maine & Georgia. The good plan just got better!